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  • David_Isaacs.jpg
    David Isaacs
    Sales Director
    Cell: 203-942-9026

    Fellert North America

    Fellert Acoustical Plaster is a monolithic alternative to traditional suspended ceilings and wall installations and offered in a variety of finishes and colors for ceilings.

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  • Jeff_Nardi_100.jpg
    Jeff Nardi
    Office: 770-622-4503

    NarCon Systems

    Fiber Profil- fiber poltrusion products for construction
    Ginde Pipe- mutilayered aluminum core piping for AC units, heating, coal & gas, oxygen transportation in hospitals

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  • Scott_Bocketti.jpg
    Scott Bocketti
    National Sales Representative
    Cell: 518-339-2994
    Office: 518-713-5366
    Toll-Free: 800-207-2967 x5366

    Creative Materials Corp

    Creative Materials Corp. is a national supplier of tile, stone, brick and pavers. We currently represent products from over 80 manufacturers.

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  • Ed_Quinlivan.jpg
    Ed Quinlivan
    Cell: 2768066201
    Office: 2768066201
    Fax: 2766329709

    Manufacturer Representitive for suppliers of glass and glass related products.

    Contact Ed Quinlivan
  • Wayne_Zhang.jpg
    Wayne Zhang
    Cell: 4165644617
    Fax: 4164980432

    Ectek International Inc.

    Fibre re-enforced cement board Manufacturers Representative to supply structural subfloor/roof sheathing, exterior cladding and interior decorative panels.

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  • Larry_Foster_100.jpg
    Larry Foster
    Cell: 276-698-9535

    L R Foster Sales LLC

    Representing: US FireProofing, Intec, Chemcrest Architectural Products, & Sturdicorp LLC

    Contact Larry Foster
  • Bryan_Abrisz.jpg
    Bryan Abrisz
    Office: 804-743-7445
    Cell: 804-363-1939

    The Snead Co

    Representing commercial aluminum windows, storefronts, curtain walls, sunshades, composite panels, all glass walls and canopies, louvers, insulated glass, and specialty glass products

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  • Ectek International Inc.

    Fibre re-enforced cement board Manufacturers Representative to supply structural subfloor/roof sheathing, exterior cladding and interior decorative panels.

    Cell: 4165644617
    Fax: 4164980432

    Contact Ectek International Inc.

ARC Revit® and CAD Construction Details

ARC Revit® and .dwg based CAD construction details are available on a free but limited basis with registration. Low-cost subscriptions are available for increased access to the detail library.
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Collapse <b>Roof Details</b>Roof Details
Abbreviated Rake Details
Boxed Scupper Details
Boxed-in Eave Details
Boxed-in Rake Details
Cantilevered Truss Details
Exposed Rake Details
Exposed Tails Details
Hatch Details
Hot Pipe Penetration Details
Non-Vented Eave Details
Parapet (metal coping) Details
Rafter Tail (framed) Details
Ridge Vent Details
Shed Ridge Details
Soffit Details
Soffited Rafter Details
Standard Roof Drain Details
Truss Tail Details
Vent Thru Roof Details
Vented Eave Details
Collapse <b>Window Details</b>Window Details
Curtain Wall Head (in wall) Details
Curtain Wall Horizontal Mullion Details
Curtain Wall Jamb (sill below) Details
Curtain Wall Sill (in wall) Details
Curtain Wall Vertical Mullion Details
Storefront Head (in wall) Details
Storefront Horizontal Mullion Details
Storefront Jamb (floor below) Details
Storefront Jamb (sill below) Details
Storefront Sill (in wall) Details
Storefront Vertical Mullion Details
Window Head Details
Window Jamb Details
Window Sill Details
Collapse <b>Door Details</b>Door Details
Curtain Wall Door Head (in wall) Details
Curtain Wall Door Jamb (in wall) Details
Curtain Wall Door Threshold (alum stile) Details
Exterior Door Head Details
Exterior Door Jamb Details
Exterior Door Threshold Details
Interior Door Head Details
Interior Door Jamb Details
Storefront Door Head (in wall) Details
Storefront Door Jamb (in wall) Details
Storefront Door Threshold (alum stile) Details
Collapse <b>Foundation Details</b>Foundation Details
Basement/Crawl Space Construction Details
Grade Beam Details
Spread Footing Details
Strip Footing Details
Thickened Slab Details